Just relax.

It’s simple!

In Hektor Container Hotel you’re more than a client, you’re our guest! And that’s how we want you to remember your stay in Tallinn. Whether you’re here for leisure or business we’ll do everything in our power to make all Hektor moments relaxing and enjoyable.


Usually, hotels have receptions. At Hektor, you enter a cosy lobby that reminds you of a living room. You will not find a traditional reception desk, but we do have a small bar, a proper coffee machine and incredibly comfortable couches. 

You’re able to check yourself in and out but our hosts are more than happy to do it for you. Hektor is wheelchair accessible and our team is there for you day and night during your stay in Tallinn. After all, you are our guest!

Harmony room

Let’s be real, mornings can be tough on everybody. That’s why it’s important to stretch, get the energy flowing, align your chakras or do whatever you need to do to kickstart the day. Our harmony room is just perfect for that. The room is free for all guests from 5:00-8.00 and 19:00-00:00. During the day it is possible to rent the room for private happenings. 

We have yoga mats, floor pillows, bean bags and if you have the luxury of having the room for yourself, you can hit play on your favourite tunes or guided meditation from a Bluetooth speaker.