in a container?

Shipping container hotel

20-foot shipping containers are the standard when it comes to world logistics. Length 5,9 m, width 2,35 m and height 2,39 m equals about 14 m2. It’s not a palace but a bit of smart planning and it perfectly fits a practical bathroom, big double bed, work desk, armchair, TV, shelves…let’s just say everything you’d expect from a hotel room. In addition to an experience you’ll not get anywhere else.

Some facts that might interest you:

  • Our beds are in size 160x200cm and mattresses made in Estonia are equipped with 5-zone pocketed spring system.
  • All our bedsheets are pure cotton with Ecolabel and Oko-tex quality labels.
  • Ultimate sleeping quality with luxurious feather filled blankets and pillows.
  • The all-in-one shampoo and body wash is an Estonian product of natural ingredients from OMA
  • We won’t bother you with daily cleaning and it’s also not included in the price. If you find it necessary we will thoroughly clean your room (incl. changing of bedsheets and towels) and add 15 € to your room bill.
  • Our rooms have a small 5L trash bin for waste that can’t be recycled. We kindly ask you to join us in giving our trash a second chance by sorting all your waste that can be recycled in sorting stations that are in the hallways only a few steps from your room.

How did we do it?

Steel shipping containers are designed for transportation in salty ocean water, so they must be completely weatherproof and unsinkable. For safe and comfortable lodging, we have insulated the containers with PUR foam. For fire safety, the foam is capsulated into cement fiberboards which in turn is refinished with plywood. These four layers (outer layer of steel, foam, cement fiberboard and plywood) will guarantee sound insulation. To stop impact noise from spreading, we have left an airspace between containers and installed rubber bushings. Shipping container hotel rooms are equipped with electric heaters and heat recovery ventilation units.